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The Buffalo River in Arkansas is best known for canoeing, but the river and surrounding area offer a lot more. We've backpacked and hiked there extensively, but only recently tried mountain biking. We barely scratched the surface, but saw enough to know we'll be back.

Getting there may or may not be half the fun. One of the best cycling areas along the Buffalo is between Jasper and Harrison, Ark. From the north, you have to drive through the traffic snarl of Branson and stretches of road that may include more billboards than any in America. From the south you can choose nationally known scenic highway (7), a much better option.

There is a good Web page on GORP (Great Outdoor Recreation Pages) with detailed information. The Erbie Loop is an excellent place to begin exploring the area. Be sure to visit the old homestead cabins maintained by the National Park Service.

Then you've got to work for it.
First you must decide where to go.
But don't worry, it's all down hill.
There's some scenery along the way
All in all, it's usually worth the effort
You might even seen the river.