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Okay, go ahead and laugh. Another slide show on the Web. Boring.

Yes, it is that. Scenes of some of my favorite places, favorite trips and favorite people. I admit it.

But it's also a guide to some pretty neat places. Especially if you're in the Midwest, you might find some of these scenes give you ideas. If I get really industrious, I might even put some maps on here.

In the meantime, go ahead and laugh. At least I know where these places are.

(Warning: some of these files are big and load slowly.)

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Okay. I admit it, the mountains were intimidating on a bike. But they looked great. Unfortunately, I was too busy ascending and descending for the pursuit of much photography, so most of my shots are a) on the flats and b) in camp. Hey, I'll do better next time.  (For larger images, click on the photos)

A paceline on the way to Glenwood Springs

The old campground in Glenwood.
Spell it "very quiet."

Late fall on the North Fork River and on an unidentified Ozark creek (right).

The Ozarks

I'm biased. The Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas are probably my favorite areas because they're close to my home. But if you leave the highway and explore, they offer anyone a lot of beautiful country.

Many of the Quick Links above will give you a better look!