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The Kansas City Bicycle Club is one of the oldest and most active cycling clubs in the area. That unfortunately doesn't make them any better on bikes, just older.

However, they have a lot of fun and 2003 has started out as a very good year.

The Kansas City Tour of the Fountains drew a good crowd, despite a severe thunderstorm only hours before the start. More than 120 riders enjoyed a unique tour of the Midwest's "City of Fountains" and unique buildings and art that are often overlooked from a car.

These photos (courtesy of Prez Don Ingram) show riders unloading bikes on a cool June morning (top, right); Don and the actual brains of the Ingram family (excepting Elixabeth); the busy sign in scene just before the ride (below, right); and the start of the ride (bottom).

And the dogs, you ask? The route winds through the beautiful Country Club Plaza, each year arriving just in time for a dog show. So far no rider has been chased by hundreds of fidos, but we're keeping an eye on them.